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Meta Bright Group secures approval for a solar PV system at the Kijal Mall in partnership with the Kemaman Municipal Council in Malaysia.

Meta Bright Group Berhad announces that the Kemaman Municipal Council (MPK) has accepted its proposal for a 407.8 kWp Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system at Kijal Mall, Terengganu. Under this collaboration, Meta Bright will be responsible for designing, constructing, installing, commissioning, operating, and maintaining the Solar PV system at Kijal Mall, which is owned by MPK.

The Kemaman Municipal Council will designate the buildings and premises that will benefit from the renewable energy generated by the installation. Meta Bright will charge RM0.36 per kilowatt-hour of solar energy usage under the 20-year Sustainable and Renewable Energy (SARE) agreement, commencing upon the system’s operation.

Since MPK’s acceptance, Meta Bright’s order book for sustainable renewable energy solutions has increased to 3.81 MW year-to-date, representing a 12% growth in the total order book size.

Meta Bright’s Executive Director, Corporate & Strategic Planning, Derek Phang Kiew Lim, expressed gratitude for the collaboration with the Kemaman Municipal Council, emphasizing the project’s significance in aiding the local government sector to achieve sustainable development and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. He highlighted the company’s commitment to delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions based on its technical expertise and track record.

Derek Phang Kiew Lim added that Meta Bright’s approach, especially through its zero-capex program, allows municipal councils to focus on delivering community benefits while enjoying renewable energy cost savings without upfront impact to their local budgets. The company looks forward to collaborating with other local councils across Malaysia in the coming months and years.

The 20-year partnership with MPK is seen as a testament to Meta Bright Group’s dedication to the transformative power of renewable energy. The company anticipates initiating further impactful initiatives in the future, contributing to positive change and sustainable practices.


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