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Metis Energy plans new renewable energy projects in Asian markets

Metis Energy plans new renewable energy projects in markets like Indonesia, the Philippines and Bangladesh.

Metis Energy was formerly known as Manhattan Resources, a coal-mining company.

According to the company, it has “sufficient expertise and resources” to plan investments in these Asian countries. The company shared this with the Securities Investors Association (Singapore).

Following the board shuffle, Metis is trying to reestablish itself as the renewable energy company in Asia and Australia. It aims to serve two segments including commercial and industrial users and utility customers.

As per Metis, “The board and the management have the proven track record to deliver the utility-scale energy projects in Indonesia, the Philippines and Bangladesh, and their working knowledge and the skill sets complement each other as a team,” a local report quoted.

Last year in October, the company had acquired Athena Energy Holdings. This company had a market in key renewable energy spots across Asia and Australia.


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