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Miteco allocates 2.5 million to finance the Statkraft storage project in Cáceres

This project, which has been one of the 36 initiatives selected in the first call for aid for innovative hybrid energy storage projects with renewable energy generation facilities - which has distributed 150 million in storage projects - will allow the plant's energy to be managed Extremadura photovoltaic with greater efficiency and will promote security and guarantee of supply.

José Miguel Ferrer, general director of Statkraft in Spain and Portugal: “The granting of this aid represents a milestone for the company in Spain and ratifies the successful strategy that we follow to accelerate the energy transition in our country. We are convinced that renewables are the solution to address the climate crisis and the volatility of energy prices, but this deployment must be accompanied by storage solutions that guarantee security of supply and the economic viability of renewable installations. ”

This is the first storage project developed by the company in Spain and consists of the development and installation of lithium ion batteries that will have a nominal power of 21.6 MW and a discharge capacity of 2 hours, estimating 40% of the power of the Talayuela II photovoltaic solar plant, in which this system is hybridized. In this way, the plant, which has an installed power of 55 MW peak, will be able to manage energy when the network is saturated, which will improve its efficiency and, in turn, promote security and guarantee of supply by incorporating flexibility into the system.

Storage systems like this allow energy to be stored that will be supplied when renewable energy does not produce enough to cover demand, thus guaranteeing the stability of supply and helping to alleviate price volatility in the electricity market. The aid granted by the IDAE covers 17% of the eligible costs of the project and it is estimated that prior administrative authorization will be granted in the last quarter of 2024. The project, which will be operational in mid-2025, involves a total investment of 14.5 million euros.


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