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Morocco in green hydrogen major leagues

Morocco has continued during the year 2022 on its momentum in the development of green hydrogen, commonly known as Power-to-X, continuing to attract major investors, to the point of being considered by observers as a new Eldorado for it.

Indeed, the Kingdom is today one of the best positioned countries in the revolution of this green energy, a technology for which it could offer the lowest production costs in the world.

Moreover, Morocco, which enjoys a “significant” potential to develop this new sector of the energy transition, was in 2022 at the forefront of the deployment of large-scale solar and wind capacities and its ambitions to reach more than half of its energy mix in renewable energy by the end of the decade are even more impressive.

And it’s the Italian media outlet “L’Opinione delle Liberta” that confirms this loud and clear. “With an ambitious, pragmatic and forward-looking vision, Morocco is a model to follow in terms of energy transition,” writes the media, which is keen to point out that “thanks to its political and social stability, the Kingdom is undergoing major transformations in several sectors and is betting more than ever on green hydrogen.

In this context, Morocco has launched the first Green Hydrogen Cluster in Africa “Cluster Green H2”, composed of public and private, national and international actors in order to work on all technological developments in this economic and industrial sector very promising, with an ambition to become a key player in the export of green hydrogen to Europe at very competitive costs.

It was also a question this year of announcing the development of a hydrogen storage project launched by HDF Energy and Somas which will allow the storage of this gas in the cavities of the salt mine of Mohammedia as well as the conclusion of a contract between TotalEnergies and the Spanish denim manufacturer Evlox, which intends to strengthen its position in the industrial and commercial sector to accompany companies in their energy transition in Morocco.

Also, Total Eren, a subsidiary of Total Energies, has committed 10.69 billion dollars, in this case 100 billion dirhams (MMDH) in the realization of a green hydrogen and ammonia production project in Guelmim-Oued Noun. This project will allow the country to decarbonize some of the major sectors of its economy, including mining and maritime transport, and to create a Moroccan green energy industry that will generate thousands of jobs, direct or indirect, non-displaceable and competitive, in addition to serving Europe in clean energy.

Placed by the World Energy Council Germany, as one of the five countries with the highest potential for the production and export of green molecules (ammonia, methanol, etc.), Morocco could capture up to 4% of the global market for hydrogen, or nearly $ 3 billion, which could only strengthen the growth of this rising industry.


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