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Motolite Philippines achieves green milestone with extensive solar panel installations

Motolite, a prominent battery brand in the Philippines, is not only a leader in the industry but also recognized for its commitment to eco-friendly practices.

The company has embraced sustainability by incorporating approximately 7,600 kilowatt peak (kWp) of solar panels across its manufacturing and retail facilities.

This initiative results in substantial benefits, including annual electricity savings of about 9.66 million kilowatt hours (kWh) and the reduction of 2,346 tons of CO2 emissions.

Motolite’s battery production plants in Bulacan alone boast a significant installed PV system capacity of 7,472 kWp, contributing to a noteworthy carbon footprint reduction of 2,346 tons of CO2.

Dr. Jesus L. Arranza, Chairman of the Federation of Philippine Industries, applauds Motolite’s environmentally conscious efforts, citing the company as a global model for sustainable practices.

In the next six months, Motolite plans to expand its solar panel installations across various facilities, further decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by 1,177 tons of CO2 and resulting in 5,047,016 kWh in electricity savings.

Among the upcoming projects is Evergreen Environmental Resources Inc.’s recycling facility, expected to have a PV system capacity of 1,250 kWp, leading to significant energy savings and the elimination of 340.38 tons of CO2 emissions.

Additionally, roof-mounted solar installations and a ground-mount solar installation are in progress, aiming to cut Motolite’s carbon footprint by 562.2 tons of CO2 and 2,411,409 kWh of grid electricity usage.

The commitment to sustainability extends to the parking lot of Philippine Batteries Inc.’s plant in Bulacan, where PV panels will be installed, providing a capacity of 292.6 kWp. This initiative will translate to 363,117 kWh in electricity savings and a reduction of 88.66 tons of CO2 emissions, showcasing Motolite’s dedication to environmental responsibility.


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