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MSG Sphere Announces Plan to Power 70% Of Las Vegas Arena With Renewable Energy, Subject to Approval

Sphere Entertainment, the company behind the entertainment arena that displays stunning visuals inside and outside a giant dome, announced a 25-year agreement with NV Energy. In a shared announcement, the companies announced that NV Energy, Nevada's largest electricity utility, would offer the highest amount of solar power to the venue.

"If approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, the agreement will provide the highest amount of dedicated solar power available to Sphere, making it a model for renewable energy use by entertainment venues around the country," the statement reads.

NV Energy will allow the Sphere to maximize the amount of green power possible using both dedicated renewable and battery storage, according to the statement.

"For any portion of electricity that is not derived from renewable sources, Sphere will voluntarily acquire certified renewable energy credits to fully mitigate the impact of emissions from the creation of electricity for the venue," the statement reads.

The filing by NV Energy said most of the long-term power for the venue would come from the Sierra Solar Project, a 400-megawatt photovoltaic solar generation plant expected to be fully functioning by April 2027, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

The project is expected to cost $1.465 billion to build, $1.536 billion with transmission upgrades in Churchill County, Nevada, the Journal reported.


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