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Namibia is emerging as a global energy hub: Unveiling offshore discoveries and green hydrogen initiatives

Namibia, with its recent offshore oil and gas discoveries in the Orange Basin and a strategic vision for green hydrogen development, is positioned as a key player in the global energy landscape. The Invest in African Energy (IAE) forum in Paris will shed light on Namibia’s potential as a hotspot for hydrocarbon investment and a hub for green hydrogen. The Orange Basin’s major oil finds by Shell, TotalEnergies, and QatarEnergy have set the stage for the country’s transformation into a major oil and gas producer.

Namibia’s Kavango Basin holds substantial crude oil reserves, attracting exploration efforts by ReconAfrica and 88 Energy. The Kudu Conventional Gas Field, expected to start production in 2026, adds to Namibia’s potential as a significant energy player. The country’s integrated energy strategy aims for 60% renewables by 2030, with plans to install 510 MW of grid-connected renewable energy capacity. Competitive tenders and partnerships with IPPs are pivotal in achieving this renewable energy target.

Namibia’s foray into green hydrogen is marked by the commissioning of sub-Saharan Africa’s largest green hydrogen production plant. With a $10-billion investment, the project by Hyphen Hydrogen Energy aims to produce 300,000 tons of green hydrogen and ammonia annually. Namibia’s green hydrogen, estimated to have production costs as low as $2 per kilogram, positions the country as an attractive partner for nations transitioning to clean energy. The potential economic impact includes boosting GDP by $15-20 billion annually, creating over 100,000 jobs, exporting 14 GW of clean power, and reducing GHG emissions by 45-60 million tons of CO2 per year by 2040.

The IAE forum in Paris, organized by Energy Capital & Power, provides a platform to explore investment opportunities in Namibia’s diverse energy sector. With major discoveries, ambitious renewable energy plans, and a commitment to green hydrogen, Namibia is poised for significant contributions to global energy markets.


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