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Neoen starts construction of Yllikkälä Power Reserve Two in Finland, the largest battery in the Nordics

Neoen, one of the world’s leading producers of exclusively renewable energy, has provided notice to proceed to battery storage expert Nidec, signalling the start of construction of Yllikkälä Power Reserve Two (YPR2). Nidec will have the overall responsibility of the construction project and will supply the battery containers, battery cells and inverters. The 56.4 MW / 112.9 MWh lithium-ion 2-hour battery will be the largest in the Nordics. It will be located in Yllikkälä, near Lappeenranta city centre and approximately 100 meters from Neoen’s first big battery in Finland, Yllikkälä Power Reserve (30 MW / 30 MWh). YPR2 will be connected to Fingrid’s Yllikkälä substation via an underground cable. The battery is set to be operational in the first half of 2025. In line with the company’s develop-to-own model, Neoen owns 100% of Yllikkälä Power Reserve Two and will be the long-term operator of the asset. The battery will operate in Fingrid’s reserve markets. It will provide Findgrid with fast-response ancillary services to help maintain the balance between production and consumption, efficiently improving the power system’s frequency and security as well as facilitating the integration of renewable energy assets.

After Mutkalampi (404 MW), Hedet (81 MW), Björkliden (40.4 MW), Lumivaara (55.8 MW) and Storbötet (105.4 MW) wind farms and Yllikkälä Power Reserve (30 MW / 30 MWh), Yllikkälä Power Reserve Two reinforces Neoen’s status as one of the country’s leading and fastest growing renewable energy producers, with over 770 MW in operation or under construction, notably supported by nine corporate PPAs. Based in Helsinki since 2018 and in Lappeenranta since 2023, Neoen’s Finnish team is developing multiple wind, solar and storage projects across the country.Yllikkälä Power Reserve Two is Neoen’s third battery in the Nordics. The firm is a leading owner and operator of batteries globally, with a battery storage portfolio of 1,489 MW / 3,032 MWh in operation or under construction. In particular, Neoen owns and operates some of the world’s largest batteries, including: Victorian Big Battery (300 MW / 450 MWh), Western Downs Battery (270 MW / 540 MWh) and the world’s first big battery Hornsdale Power Reserve (150 MW / 193.5 MWh), all located in Australia.


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