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NEOM will be the first to commercially produce green hydrogen

According to Alicia Eastman, co-founder and managing director of Intercontinental Energy, the hydrogen plant in NEOM, Saudi Arabia’s $500 billion future cities, will be the first of its type to create green hydrogen at a level that can be marketed.

Speaking at a virtual conference at MENA Energy Week, Eastman predicted that NEOM will be the first facility to commercially produce green hydrogen.

Eastman stated that Intercontinental Energy is collaborating with Middle Eastern nations to help them supply green hydrogen and green ammonia.

“Large projects are our primary focus. With Saudi Aramco, we have a memorandum of understanding in place to produce both blue and green hydrogen. I’m interested in seeing Aramco put their ideas for hydrogen into action, the speaker continued.

Additionally, Eastment stressed the need of adopting technology and digital solutions if the world is to become more sustainable.


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