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Netherlands set a 70GW offshore wind target for 2050

The Dutch government has set a 70GW offshore wind target for 2050.

The target comes at a time when the Netherlands aims to boost renewable energy including hydrogen production in the country.

As per a local report, it comes as a part of possibility of generating about 50GW of wind power in 2040. For this, the government has been working to generate 21GW by 2030.

It has been reported that this capacity is about 75% of the current electricity consumption in the country.

Besides the offshore wind, the government is also considering large-scale hydrogen production in the North Sea.

Climate and Energy Minister Rob Jetten was quoted in a report, “Earlier this year, we made firm plans for 2030. We are now also laying down an ambitious plan up to 2050.”

He further stated that “70 gigawatts of power is very ambitious and in the coming years we will look at exactly how many gigawatts are needed. This gives us the opportunity to sustainably electrify a large part of the Netherlands and to generate green hydrogen for industry, for example.”

Earlier, the 9 European North Sea countries had agreed to jointly build 260 gigawatts of wind capacity in the North Sea until 2050. Besides, earlier this year, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands had agreed to work together on the North Sea.


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