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New green hydrogen company established in Spain

Enagás Infraestructuras de Hidrogeno was established by Enagás to make Spain a major producer of green hydrogen.

It also wants to use the more than 11,000 kilometers of gas pipelines and underground storage facilities it has in Spain to transport and store green hydrogen.

Enagás announced the acquisition of a 30 percent stake in its renewables subsidiary by Clean H2 Infra Fund at the end of February. Ardian and FiveT are in charge of the fund.

Both are founders of HY24, the world’s first major global investment platform focused solely on “green” hydrogen infrastructure solutions. It is the result of a collaborative effort with industry partners. Clean H2 Infra Fund, the company’s first investment fund, aims to raise between 1,500 and 1,800 million euros.

With more than 70 partners, Enagás Renovable has a portfolio of more than 50 hydrogen and biomethane projects. Until 2030, a total investment of around 4,500 million euros will be mobilized.

The PERTE for Renewable Energies, Renewable Hydrogen, and Storage (PERTE ERHA) has already invested the first 500 million euros in Spain.

Half of them are aimed at promoting the renewable hydrogen value chain, which includes component manufacturing, vehicle prototypes, and large-scale electrolyser projects.

Similarly, the Hydrogen Roadmap: A Commitment to Renewable Hydrogen has been approved by the government. It anticipates the mobilization of 8,900 million euros in investments as a result of it. Its contribution will be critical if Spain is to reach climate neutrality and a renewable energy system by 2050.


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