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Nextracker and Atkore Announce Dedicated Solar Tracker Manufacturing Line in Arizona

Nextracker LLC., the global market leader in utility-scale solar trackers, and Atkore (NYSE: ATKR), a global provider of electrical, safety and infrastructure solutions, announced a new manufacturing line dedicated to producing steel tracker components for use in utility-scale solar power plants. Atkore has expanded and reconfigured its Phoenix, Arizona facility with new capacity dedicated to Nextracker products.

“Building out our manufacturing capacity with partners across the U.S. allows us to protect customers from cost volatility, steel supply risk and delays in logistics,” said Dan Shugar, Founder and CEO of Nextracker. “Partnering with Atkore in Phoenix provides product in the epicenter of the Southwest’s rapidly growing region from a population and power perspective and ensures that best in class product is available to enable that demand to be served with clean, affordable solar power. Initial production from the expanded facility will support Arizona Public Service Co.’s (APS)150 MW Agave solar project, which we are thrilled to be working on with other Arizona-based companies including McCarthy Building Companies and First Solar.”

“Atkore’s new production line is dedicated to Nextracker and will help them quickly deploy their cutting-edge solar technology across the Southern and Southwestern U.S.,” said Bill Waltz, President and CEO of Atkore. “We’re proud to provide sustainable products that support renewable energy initiatives and help our customers achieve their goals – ensuring we deliver on our commitment to building better together.”

Through the partnership, Nextracker has a dedicated supply of critical materials in the strategic solar market of the Southwestern U.S. and is well-positioned to support to key customers such as APS.

“This expansion of manufacturing capacity with Nextracker and Atkore complements the solar program APS has been advancing for decades to serve Arizona’s growing energy demand. Advanced trackers help generate more clean solar power at a lower cost for customers.” said Ted Geisler, APS President. “Locally sourced solar trackers can help ensure on-time delivery, enabling us to maintain reliable service while keeping up with the rapid growth in our service territory.”

The announcement was followed by an industry roundtable discussion featuring leading energy experts including Heather Zichal, CEO of American Clean Power, Cynthia Wang, VP Supply Chain Management for SB Energy, Georges Antoun, Chief Commercial Officer at First Solar and Troy Lauterbach, the CEO of Novasource Power.

Scott Canada, executive vice president of Renewable Energy and Storage for McCarthy Building Companies, said, “It is very gratifying to be building high quality solar power plants for APS using best in class technologies like Nextracker’s advanced tracker that are now produced in Arizona. Nextracker responded strategically to the global supply chain crisis by expanding manufacturing capacity across the country. We have completed dozens of successful large solar projects with Nextracker and look forward to supporting the continued growth and job creation that the solar industry is bringing to communities from coast to coast.”


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