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Nextracker appoints Julie Blunden and Howard Wenger to board

Nextracker, a leading provider of intelligent solar tracker and software solutions, has announced the appointment of Julie Blunden and Howard Wenger to its Board of Directors. Blunden, known for her executive leadership and strategic advisory roles in the energy sector, currently serves on the boards of four organizations. Wenger, a pioneer in the solar industry, brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as president of Nextracker, as well as previous leadership positions in Solaria Corporation, SunPower Corporation Systems, and PowerLight Corporation.

This announcement comes in conjunction with Nextracker’s successful separation from Flex. As part of this transition, all Flex employee members of the Nextracker Board, including Christian Bauwens, Michael Hartung, Paul Lundstrom, Scott Offer, Rebecca Sidelinger, and Kyra Whitten, have stepped down from their positions on the Board and any associated committees. With these changes, Nextracker’s Board now comprises nine directors.

Dan Shugar, Founder and CEO of Nextracker, expressed enthusiasm about the new appointments, citing Blunden and Wenger’s extensive industry expertise and global business acumen. He emphasized their roles in advancing Nextracker’s growth as an independent public company.

Shugar also extended gratitude to the outgoing members for their contributions to Nextracker’s journey thus far, acknowledging their stewardship and dedication to the company’s success

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