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NIWA gets ready to shine in the PV world

A high-tech solar technology specialized global enterprise Jolywood has added a brick to its success ladder with the debut of the new product brand NIWA, which was launched on September 12.

NIWA is a new brand focused on the residential solar market.With the theme “NIWA, all N-Type, Power your Home,” the company launched the brand globally amid a grand ceremony. The launching coincided with the 8th anniversary of the listing in Shenzhen.

“NIWA has applied the key technology of J-TOPCon 2.0 to make the solar module have high efficiency, low attenuation, and high availability. Advantages such as relying on, low-temperature coefficient, high double-sided rate, lightweight, etc. It is more suitable for the residential distributed photovoltaic systems.”says Ni Jianxiong, head of solar module technology research and development of Jolywood.