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North Sea Energy Cooperation set 260GW for 2050 offshore wind ambition

The North Sea Energy Cooperation (NSEC) group has set 260GW as a 2050 offshore wind ambition.

The member nations include Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Norway. As per the members, the non-binding ambition should see 76GW online by 2030 and 193GW by 2040.

As per a local report, the NSEC countries combined aggregate regional non-binding offshore targets in the region consists more than 85% of EU's goal of reaching a total offshore wind capacity of at least 300GW by 2050.

“The urgency of action has been reinforced by Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine and the consequential energy prices and security of supply crises,” a joint statement said.

It further stated that “Developing our common offshore renewable resources will reduce regional reliance on imported fossil fuels through strengthened energy regional self-sufficiency, as well as necessarily speeding up the transition towards a green and resilient energy system.”

Meanwhile, the NSEC will act as a “facilitating body for the task of the North Seas Offshore Grids (NSOG) priority offshore corridor sea basin. “

“It is impressive that the target agreed by nine NSEC countries constitutes more than 85% of the EU-wide ambition we outlined two years ago,” the Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson remarked.


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