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Norway to build 30GW of offshore wind by 2040

Norway has announced its plans to build 30GW of offshore wind off Norway's coast by 2040.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store unveiled such ambition.

The ambition comes with the line of the government as it plans to produce new power from offshore wind as much as it is produced in total at the current stage.

For this, the government aims to "carry out the next round of awarding licenses for offshore wind in 2025." Prior to that, there will be awarding licenses in two zones at Utsira North and Sorlige Nordsjo 2.

It has been reported that the "government is planning a step-by-step allocation of land with a goal to open a total area of about five to six times that of Sorlige Nordsjo 2 or approximately 1% of Norwegian sea areas," a report mentioned.

Prime Minister Gahr Store commented, “With this ambition, we go from the two offshore wind turbines that are in operation today to about 1500 offshore wind turbines. The construction will take place over the next 20 years.”

He further stated that this green industrial boost can provide enough renewable energy in the country.

According to the government, "it will facilitate a large-scale offshore wind development that allows for the use of various grid solutions."

Minister of Finance Trygve Slagsvold Vedum remarked, “We are concerned with securing grid solutions that ensure more power to Norway and that provide good grid solutions for offshore wind investments."


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