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Ocean Winds launches OW Brasil to tap offshore wind market in Brazil

Ocean Winds has come up with a local developer specializing to explore offshore wind opportunities in Brazil. The company's new launching is known as OW Brasil.

In 2020, the company had started to license five new offshore wind projects for a total capacity of 15GW. The wind projects are based in the states of Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio de Janeiro, and Rio Grande do Sul.

It was followed by finding of EPE which concluded that Brazil has the potential of 700GW of offshore wind.

According to Ocean Winds, it is seeking authorisations for environmental permits at IBAMA for several projects.

The projects include Vento Tupi (1GW), Maral (2GW), Ventos do Atlântico (5GW), Tramandaí offshore (700MW) and Ventos do Sul (6.5GW), it said.

Ocean Winds CEO Bautista Rodríguez commented, “With the 11.2GW portfolio of projects in seven countries, OW positioned itself as a pioneer leader in the offshore wind sector and aims at expanding its footprint."

He also mentioned that since 2020, Brazil has shown a high potential for offshore wind projects.

He was further quoted, “The development of this new sector of activity in Brazil is an important opportunity to meet the growing demand for energy, develop green hydrogen projects, diversify the energy matrix, and thus ensure the country's energy security with a renewable source that has a competitive cost for the consumer compared to fossil sources.”


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