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Offshore wind power key to achieve green transition goals of Vietnam

The 2022-2023 Whitebook “Working Toward a Green Economy and Sustainable Development” has been released in Vietnam.

It has been launched by European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam which states that offshore wind power is significant to achieve the green transition goals of the country.

According to Stuart Livesey, the Vietnam Country Director for Copenhagen Offshore Partners, “Vietnam’s offshore wind resource is relatively untapped, and establishing this industry has many benefits in comparison to other renewables,” a local media mentioned. His company is implementing the La Gan offshore wind project in the central province of Binh Thuan.

He remarked that offshore wind power could be cheaper and more sustainable than other energy sources, and pointed out the need of necessary regulatory framework for offshore mega-projects.

“Green and sustainable energy is critical for both the future of Vietnam and its predicted growth, where there are needs from its people, and the industries and the global supply chain Vietnam provides,” he further commented.

To be noted, Offshore wind has been gaining huge attraction in the Vietnamese market as the national and international developers and investors have shown interest in investments.

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