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Ohmium International and NovoHydrogen have signed a contract for the supply of PEM electrolyzers.

An Independent Power Producer will use the electrolyzers to supply 120 MW of green hydrogen capacity, which will be used as a zero-carbon alternative fuel for some of the gas used at their peaking power plant in New Jersey. An alternative to customized electrolyzers that is safer, modular, adaptable, simple to install, and easy to maintain is offered by Ohmium’s special interlocking modular PEM electrolyzers.

“On this ground-breaking initiative that highlights the strength and promise of green hydrogen, we are ecstatic to collaborate with NovoHydrogen. The world is moving away from fossil fuels, and a lot of infrastructures, such as power plants and pipelines, can be converted to use green hydrogen “said Ohmium International CEO Arne Ballantine. The NovoHydrogen team is outstanding in the industry and is the ideal partner to complete your project.

“Green hydrogen presents a fantastic chance to make use of existing gas-powered energy-generating equipment to produce 100% dispatchable clean electricity around-the-clock. We are incredibly eager to work on this creative project to demonstrate what is possible “stated NovoHydrogen CEO Matt McMonagle. “We have the ideal scalable solution for green hydrogen applications thanks to Ohmium’s cutting-edge, modular, and affordable PEM electrolyzers. As the projects develop, we may gradually increase our capacity.”

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