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Ohmium to provide 343 MW of green hydrogen to Tarafert

Ohmium and Tarafert, the Mexican company building a sizable urea fertilizer and green ammonia manufacturing complex, have agreed to provide each other with 343 megawatts of green hydrogen electrolyzers.

The delivery of the electrolyzers will take place in three stages, with the first 69 megawatts arriving in 2025, as planned, enabling Tarafert’s project completion. Up to 200,000 metric tonnes of green ammonia can be produced each year using the project’s green hydrogen.

“The necessity of nations creating their own production that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels has been highlighted by the ammonia shortages this year. We’re thrilled to be a part of the Tarafert project, one of the world’s most ambitious projects “said Ohmium International CEO Arne Ballantine. “Production of ammonia has too long been an energy-intensive operation that generates large amounts of greenhouse gases. Green hydrogen can completely eliminate those carbon emissions.”

“The ability to create ammonia using green hydrogen is a significant benefit for our endeavor. Green hydrogen implies that our ammonia won’t be susceptible to the erratic price fluctuations and pollutants that come with using fossil fuels, “said Tarafert CEO Jean Perarnaud. The cutting-edge, affordable, modular PEM technology from Ohmium is the best option for this project since it can expand quickly and effectively to support the production expansion in stages.


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