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Opdenergy secures PPA for 108-MW solar farm in Chile

Spanish renewables developer Opdenergy Holding has secured a power purchase agreement (PPA) for a 108-MW solar farm in Chile.

The company announced that it secured a multi-year Alcones project which will be built in central Chile.

Under the agreement, Opdenergy needs to supply a total of 1.68 TWh of solar energy over the 12-year life of the agreement. It means that the supply will be about 140 GWh annually.

According to the company, “the electricity off-taker is an investment grade international utility.”

With this solar project, Opdenergy will be able to raise its installed capacity in Chile to around 300 MW.

A local report mentioned that the agreement is joined “to the production by the planned 108-MW Alcones solar photovoltaic farm.” This farm will be set up by Opdenergy located in the commune of Marchigue, in the O’Higgins region of the country.

The company shared that the plant is likely to commence operation in 2025.

So far, Opdenergy has around 171 MW of solar and wind power in operation in Chile. In addition, it has around 1,000 MW of projects under development.


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