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Overcoming Hurdles in Meeting High Demand for Solar Parking Spaces

The construction of solar car park roofs is a good way to implement the energy transition. Because the systems are built on surfaces that are already sealed, which increases acceptance. They are also ideally suited as a power source for the increasing demand for charging stations for electric cars. However, builders and planners complain about delays of up to a year, says Harald Baumeister, Managing Director of Sopago, a manufacturer of solar carports from Munich.

Building permit required

The installation of the photovoltaic system on the carport is usually possible without a lot of paperwork. But if companies want to set up a solar car park roof to offer customers and employees the advantages, the situation is very different, Baumeister criticizes.

Building permit in the hurdles

The first is the duration of building permits from the municipal building control authorities. Commercially used photovoltaic systems always need this. However, the requirements for this have not yet been uniformly regulated. Therefore, many building authorities do not know how to deal with solar carports.

Different regional regulations for building applications

The regulations vary greatly from region to region. They are also not exactly tailored to the energy transition. However, Baumeister does not even blame the local building authorities for this. "They just don't have any instructions on how to deal with solar carports," he says.


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