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PermataBank joins SUN Energy in Rp 500 billion eco-financing initiative in Indonesia

Indonesia’s banking sector continues to champion green financing initiatives, aligning with the government’s ambitious goal of achieving Net Zero Emission (NZE) by 2060. PermataBank, a prominent player in the industry, has taken a significant stride in this direction by disbursing a green financing facility worth Rp500 billion to SUN Energy for the development of solar energy projects across Indonesia.

This move underscores PermataBank’s strategic commitment to fostering Renewable Energy Projects (EBT) and mitigating climate risks while reducing carbon emissions within its banking activities. Evi Hiswanto, Chief Corporate Banking Officer at PermataBank, highlighted the importance of such collaborations, stating, “Our partnership with SUN Energy reflects our dedication to expanding environmentally friendly financing options. By engaging with clients like SUN Energy, we aim to promote sustainable practices and facilitate their transition towards low-carbon and resilient climate strategies.”

In 2023, PermataBank witnessed a significant credit disbursement totaling Rp142.2 trillion, with a notable portion directed towards corporate entities amounting to Rp92.7 trillion. This reflects the bank’s ongoing efforts to foster growth and deliver tangible benefits to society.

Dion Jefferson, Deputy CEO of SUN Energy, expressed gratitude for PermataBank’s support, stating, “We commend PermataBank’s commitment to accelerating the adoption of solar energy in Indonesia and their trust in SUN Energy. Over the past three years, we have witnessed substantial business expansion. Therefore, the facility provided by PermataBank will be instrumental in furthering our solar energy development projects across Indonesia, particularly in the commercial and industrial sectors. SUN Energy remains committed to offering comprehensive solar energy solutions to customers and expanding our market presence across various regions in Indonesia.”

The green financing facility agreed upon by both parties signifies their optimism and dedication to the energy transition process, aligning with climate change mitigation efforts. It is anticipated to foster a conducive green business ecosystem, supporting Indonesia’s sustainable development goals and endeavors in the renewable energy sector.


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