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Philippines permits 11 renewable energy projects

The Philippines government has permitted 16 strategic investment projects including the renewable energy projects.

The projects are worth P336.3 billion for green lane processing, as per the Board of Investments (BOI).

As per the authorities, 11 of the approved projects are under the renewable energy (RE) sector, mostly solar projects.

The projects include SunAsia Energy Inc.’s 1,300-megawatt (MW) floating solar project in Laguna de Bay (P66 billion), NKS Solar One Inc.’s 250-MW floating solar project in Caliraya, Laguna (P14.9 billion), Laguna Wind Energy Corp.’s Kalayaan 2 wind power project (P10.85 billion), Ubay Solar Corp.’s solar power plant (P5.293 billion), Intramuros Solar Energy Corp.’s Gamu Solar power plant (P2.591 billion), and Magallanes Solar Energy Corp.’s Baratoc Viejo solar power project (P5.293 billion), a local report mentioned.

Similarly, other approved energy projects include five projects of ACEN Corp. located in Laguna Lake: SolarAce4 Energy Corp.’s 140-Megawatt peak (MWp) floating solar power plant (P6.25 billion), AC Laguna Solar Inc.’s 280-MWp floating Solar Power Plant (P10.946 billion), AC Subic Solar Inc.’s 280-MWp Floating Solar Power Plant (P12.494 billion), GigaWind1 Inc.’s 280-MWp Floating Solar Power Plant (P12 billion), and Ingrid2 Power Corp.’s 140-MWp floating solar power plant (P6.25 billion), the report further mentioned.


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