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Philippines to host first and largest BESS with 1000 MW power facility

The Philippines is all set to become one of the world’s leaders in the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

The country hosts the first and largest BESS with 1000 MW power facility which is operated by San Miguel Corporation’s Global Power Holdings (SMGP).

The facility is located in the province of Bataan, some 127 kilometers away from the capital city Manila.

It comes at a time when the Philippine government has focused on using power from renewable energy like solar and offshore wind.

It has been reported that the latest project “aligns with the country’s clean energy transition program, as well as SMC and SMGP’s aggressive medium-term goal for power system decarbonization and resilience.”

According to the company, the facility is part of the total 32 battery storage stations with a total of 1000 MW of power being constructed by SMGP.

“Our BESS facilities will support the country’s power grid by storing excess power from existing plants, and injecting this power back, when and where it is needed, within milliseconds, ensuring power quality is stable, and reaches users all over the country,” SMC President and CEO Ramon S. Ang was quoted in a statement.

He further stated that the battery energy storage is an important global innovation in the energy sector.

The company informed that its BESS network can “enable the integration of capacity from small-to-medium-scale (SMS) renewable energy sources into the grid, and help encourage more investments in renewables in the future.”

With the latest project, San Miguel Global Power is likely to become one of the largest grid-scale battery storage system operators in the world.


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