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Plug Power to supply Lhyfe with 50MW electrolyzers

Plug Power has announced that it has acquired an order for 50MW of PEM electrolyzers from the French company Lhyfe, to be put across numerous sites. This is a step toward building green hydrogen production capacity in Europe.

The purchase of ten 5MW PEM electrolyzer systems would result in the production of up to 20 tonnes of hydrogen per day for use in mobility applications in Europe, including as forklifts and light commercial vehicles.

Master Van will be supplied with hydrogen generated by Plug systems via Lhyfe, a joint venture between Plug and Renault.

The order advances efforts to jointly create 300MW of renewable green hydrogen plants throughout the continent by 2025, building on a strategic partnership between Lhyfe and Plug that was established in October 2021.


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