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Polish Airport to House 10-MW Solar Park

The Lodz airport in Poland is set to become the first one in the country to host a solar photovoltaic (PV) park, news portal Notes from Poland reports.

The proposed PV plant will cover a roughly 13-hectare (32.1-acre) site owned by the airport and will have a power generation capacity of 10 MW. The plant will be installed at a cost of some PLN 30 million (USD 7.6m/EUR 7m) and will be financed by green energy solutions provider Volta Polska.

The generated electricity is set to go for the airport’s own consumption and will also be sold on a commercial basis, according to the report.

A contract on the project’s implementation is due to be signed between Volta Polska and Lodz Airport within two months. The news source cited an airport press office statement saying that design work, permitting and construction work are expected to completed in 24 months.


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