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Polish auctions award 618 MW of renewables, mostly solar

Some 618 MW of projects were awarded in this year’s auctions for the sale of electricity from renewable sources in Poland, which were conducted in November, the country’s Energy Regulatory Office (URE) said on Monday. The capacity is mainly solar plus 24.5 MW of onshore wind.

In the auction for installations of up to 1 MW, the successful offers were 133, all for solar arrays. They were submitted by 56 producers and represent around 123 MW of capacity.

The auction for wind and solar projects of above 1 MW awarded 495.5 MW of capacity, 471 MW solar and 24.5 MW wind. The successful offers were 67, submitted by 52 producers.

The reference price in this category was PLN 389 (USD 98.6/EUR 89.7) per MWh for solar power plants and PLN 324 per MWh for wind power plants. The prices achieved ranged between PLN 119 and PLN 310 for onshore wind and PLN 272.91 and PLN 349.69 for photovoltaic power plants.


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