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Port Authority to make Huelva “city of green hydrogen”

The president of the Port Authority of Huelva, Pilar Miranda, has highlighted the “commitment” of the port in the process of energy transformation “towards new models” based on the use of clean fuels such as hydrogen and all its derivatives and has been “convinced” that in the future the capital will be “the city of green hydrogen”.

In an interview granted to Europa Press, Miranda has pointed out that the Port of Huelva is “energetic by the nature of its own traffic, such as oil and its derivatives, and gas” and that for that same reason “is committed to the process of energy transformation towards new models”.

Thus, he has indicated that, with this strategy, the Port of Huelva “becomes the ideal place to implement projects linked to the circular economy and green hydrogen”, which “will find in the port the ideal ecosystem to develop their activity and generate synergies with all the companies in their environment”.

“The Port has a commitment to sustainability and an energy transformation strategy so that companies can more easily make their transition to the implementation or use of new energy sources,” he stressed.

In this sense, Miranda has highlighted that the port is receiving visits from “important companies” related to renewable energies, “especially photovoltaic energy and green hydrogen”. Therefore, he has reemphasized his conviction that green hydrogen in Huelva “will penetrate very well” because “it has many conditions that favor this type of project.

In the same way, he explained that the Port Authority of Huelva is working to “accelerate as much as possible” the circular economy projects of Atlantic Copper or Cepsa, which will build in Huelva the largest complex of biofuels and green hydrogen in Spain, since he has remarked that from the Port of Huelva “much care and empower entrepreneurs” because “they are the ones who create jobs” and “that is important for the port”.

He also recalled that the port has the second regasification plant with the largest capacity in Spain, “which means that we have the capacity to increase the supply of liquefied gas to the rest of the peninsula through the arrival of methane tankers and contribute to the guarantee of energy supply to Spain and Europe”.


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