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The “Green Pipeline Project,” a pilot project on the injection of green hydrogen into the natural gas network and decarbonization of the energy sector, was approved by the Portuguese government with costs of 867,692 euros till 2024.

The largest portion of the project’s costs, 607,384 euros, are authorized for this year, followed by 230,307 euros for the following year, and the final 30,000 euros for 2024. However, the amounts set aside for 2023 and 2024 may be increased from the balance determined in previous years’ budget execution.

Galp Gás Natural Distribuiço, the organization in charge of overseeing and advancing the Green Pipeline Project, applied for financial incentives from the Innovation Support Fund (FAI) in order to develop a plan for the injection and distribution of green hydrogen in the natural gas network, particularly in the Seixal region.

Galp Gás Natural Distribuiço (GGND), the project’s coordinator, is joined by a number of partners from the engineering and construction fields as well as academic, public, and corporate institutions. In the project’s initial phase, 2% of hydrogen will be injected into the natural gas network; over the course of two years, this percentage will rise gradually to a maximum of 20%.


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