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Power demand raised by 2.5pc in April in Brazil

Brazil's demand for power has risen by 2.5pc in April as compared to the same period previous year.

This has been a result of consumption both in the regulated and free markets.

As per a preliminary data from the country's power clearing house CCEE, the power demand increased to an average 65,256MW during the month. It was 63,646MW in the same period last year.

Classifying it into different categories, its data showed that energy consumption among bilateral contract clients rose by 6.5pc from a year earlier. In terms of regulated markets including both domestic and small and medium business consumers, there was a 0.4pc increment on the year.

Regarding solar power, there was an increment of 66 percent, while wind plants generated 12 percent more energy as compared to last year.

CCEE data shared that hydro generation posted a 12 percent rise while thermoelectric plants generated 47 percent less energy.

According to CCEE, most of the increases in demand were recorded in the service sector with 22 percent more power demand than in the previous year. It included the wood, paper and cellulose sector, beverage sector and the transportation sector.

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