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PowerChina announces completion of a 480 MW solar plant in Chile

PowerChina Chile has announced the completion of a 480 MW solar plant in Chile.


The solar project is located in Maria Elena, in the Antofagasta region of Chile.


According to the company, “the solar plant is seamlessly integrated into Chile’s electrical infrastructure, linked to the National Electric System via a 9.6 km transmission line connecting to the Miraje Substation.”


The state-of-the-art solar plant was initiated in June 2022 under a collaborative venture. It was led by the Generadora Metropolitana joint venture including Chile’s power company AME and France’s EDF.


The joint venture had secured $980 million for financing the project.


As per the companies, the 480 MW solar plant has set a new benchmark in Chile’s renewable energy landscape. The solar facility is equipped with a pioneering robotic panel cleaning technology.


Earlier, the country had the largest solar plant called the Guanchoi facility with a capacity of 398 MW. Now, Chile’s largest solar project’s construction is underway with $980 million secured financing.


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