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President Marcos Jr. hails WPD GmbH's PhP392.4 billion investment in Philippine solar & offshore wind farms

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. anticipates a transformative leap in renewable energy technology for the Philippines with the entrance of WPD GmbH, a leading German developer and operator of wind and solar farms. WPD GmbH has pledged an ambitious investment of PhP392.4 billion in the country, primarily focusing on establishing offshore wind farms.

In a meeting with WPD GmbH officials, led by Björn Nullmeyer, the company’s Chief Finance Officer, President Marcos expressed gratitude for their interest in the Philippines and emphasized the potential of renewable energy ventures in the country’s energy landscape. He underscored the importance of transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable sources like wind, solar, hydro, and nuclear energy.

President Marcos highlighted the need for modern technologies, particularly in offshore wind farming, acknowledging the country’s current reliance on land-based wind farms. He sought insights from WPD GmbH regarding capital and technical requirements for offshore projects, emphasizing the administration’s industrialization agenda and the critical role of energy supply therein.

The Philippines, with its existing wind farms and untapped potential, presents an attractive investment opportunity for renewable energy developers. President Marcos recalled his pioneering role in establishing Southeast Asia’s first commercially operated wind farm in Ilocos Norte, underscoring the nation’s commitment to sustainable energy initiatives.

WPD GmbH’s monumental investment plan, registered with the Board of Investments (BOI), encompasses the establishment of offshore wind farms in Cavite, Negros Occidental, and Guimaras. During the meeting in Berlin, discussions revolved around the status updates of BOI-registered offshore wind projects, alongside updates on solar, onshore, and offshore wind projects across various provinces.

WPD GmbH’s global expertise in onshore wind and solar PV projects positions them as a strategic partner in advancing the Philippines’ renewable energy agenda. With headquarters in Bremen, Germany, the company’s presence spans 29 countries worldwide, underscoring its commitment to sustainable energy development.


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