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Prime secures four new solar projects in Thailand

Thailand’s Prime Road Power Public Company Limited has announced that it has secured four new projects through a latest auction.

Prime Road is a leading renewable energy developer in Thailand.

The new projects include two solar farms with an output of 15.70 MW and two solar-plus-battery projects with a capacity of 72.26 MW, totalling 87.96 MW.

According to the company’s CEO Somprasong Panjalak, the company has aimed at achieving an installed capacity of 800 MW by 2024. It means a threefold increase from its current capacity of 303.94 MW.

In addition, the company also targets an installed electricity production capacity of 1,800 MW. by 2027. It means there should be an annual increase of 200-400 MW.

Prime Road Power Public Company has outlined a strategic plan to achieve these goals.

As per the local reports, the strategies include a partnership with Taiwan Power Company to directly sell solar energy to private-sector clients.

Similarly, it includes a joint venture with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand with a registered capital of 100 Million Baht. It focuses on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in Thailand by 2065. Similarly, there is also a Miaoli Lake West Solar Project of up to 95 MW.


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