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PVH unveils AxoneDuo Infinity: Advanced solar tracking technology for Australia's renewable energy future

PVH, a leading provider of solar tracking solutions in Australia, has introduced its latest innovation, the AxoneDuo Infinity. This cutting-edge solar tracking system is specifically designed to optimize energy generation and adapt to the diverse conditions found across Australia’s terrain.

As solar energy continues to gain traction in Australia’s electricity market, there remains a significant gap compared to traditional fossil fuels like coal. To bridge this divide and achieve the country’s renewable energy targets of 50% by 2024 and 100% by 2032, innovative technologies are essential. The AxoneDuo Infinity addresses this need by maximizing solar energy utilization and seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure.

One of the standout features of the AxoneDuo Infinity is its flexible string interconnectivity, which offers a variety of optimization options to enhance efficiency while reducing costs. Additionally, its Unlinked mode enables independent row triggering, further enhancing operational effectiveness.

Developers play a crucial role in advancing renewable energy infrastructure, and the AxoneDuo Infinity offers significant benefits for them. Its robust weather defense strategy ensures optimal performance even in extreme conditions, reducing the need for extensive earthwork and making it a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for solar power generation.

When combined with PVH’s DBox5 tracker control device, the AxoneDuo Infinity’s capabilities are extended even further. This advanced SCADA system leverages sensors, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to monitor installations, identify faults, and anticipate structural risks, demonstrating PVH’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Alex Cantos, APAC Manager of PVH, emphasized the AxoneDuo Infinity’s ability to meet the unique challenges posed by Australia’s conditions, highlighting PVH’s dedication to a cleaner, sustainable future. Carlos López, CRO at PVH, stressed the importance of efficient technology in meeting Australia’s decarbonization targets and highlighted the system’s cost-saving benefits for developers.

The AxoneDuo Infinity represents a significant advancement in solar tracking technology, reliability, and sustainability features. It is poised to set a new standard for solar power generation in Australia, paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future.


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