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Quinbrook to build 2-GWh battery at data storage campus in Queensland

Quinbrook Infrastructure has announced plans to deploy a 2,000 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) backed by large-scale wind and solar generation, as part of plans to build one of the largest “green data” storage facilities in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Supernode project will be developed in stages on a 30-hectare site in the northern Brisbane suburbs. The site will also have direct connections to an international subsea data communications network. Quinbrook Managing Partner David Scaysbrook said the site provides an “unrivaled” location for power supply resilience, offering up to 800 MW of capacity with three separate high-voltage connections.

“It also offers ample scope for powering our large-scale batteries with locally produced solar, wind and hydro sourced renewables which will also power the data centre campus as it grows,” he said.

Quinbrook plans to procure, self-develop and construct the renewables supply capacity needed by Supernode customers as their energy demands grow. It is anticipated Quinbrook will source wind power from third-party projects under development and will build new solar farms itself.


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