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Recurrent Energy completes sale of 100MW, 200MW battery storage project in South Australia to Epic Energy

Canadian Solar Inc. (referred to as the Company or Canadian Solar) (NASDAQ: CSIQ) made an announcement today regarding Recurrent Energy, a global player in solar and energy assets, finalizing the sale of its 100 MW/200 MWh Mannum energy storage project in South Australia to Epic Energy.

This marks the third project Recurrent Energy has sold to Epic Energy, an energy infrastructure owner and operator based in South Australia. Epic Energy currently holds ownership of both the 7 MW Mannum Stage One and 39 MW Mannum Stage Two solar projects, both of which were developed by Recurrent Energy.

The development of the Mannum energy storage project in Mannum, Australia, by Recurrent Energy was intended to complement the existing Mannum solar projects. Its purpose is to provide valuable grid services and market support within the South Australian energy landscape. Recurrent Energy opted for e-STORAGE as the provider of energy storage solutions, specifically their SolBank energy storage solution for this project. Construction is set to commence in the first half of 2024, with commercial operation anticipated in 2025.

Clive D’Cruz, Chief Executive Officer of Epic Energy, expressed satisfaction with the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Recurrent Energy again at the Mannum site. The battery energy storage system is an important addition to Epic Energy’s investment in this location, complementing our existing solar farms. This standalone battery will significantly contribute by providing essential energy storage to facilitate the supply of surplus renewable energy to the grid during peak periods and enhancing overall stability.”

Ismael Guerrero, CEO of Recurrent Energy, also voiced excitement about the ongoing partnership, stating, “We are pleased to collaborate with Epic Energy once more on the sale of our third project to them. Australia is experiencing rapid growth in renewable energy, and our recent transaction with Epic Energy supports the country’s sustainable decarbonization efforts. We are committed to advancing our extensive pipeline of energy storage and solar projects in Australia.”

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