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Renantis launches crowdfunder for Italian agrivoltaic site

Renantis, formerly Falck Renewables, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the construction of a agrivoltaic plant in the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The campaign, aimed at financing part of the 32.6MW agrivoltaic plant, envisages annual returns of 6.5% for the inhabitants of the municipalities of Terzo di Aquileia and Cervignano del Friuli, who wish to join.

Renantis brings its sustainable approach to Friuli Venezia Giulia, by sharing the value generated by the plant to promote widespread, compatible, and agriculture-related sustainability, in synergy with local communities.

The plant will combine the production of clean energy with beekeeping and the planting of a variety of native crops under the solar panels, the installation of beehives and a polyphytic meadow, composed of multiple species of grasses.

The plant will also include advanced technology agricultural tools to make beekeeping activities more efficient and sustainable.

The lending crowdfunding campaign will be developed through a remunerated loan, guaranteed by Renantis and not directly linked to the actual production of the plant.

Through the Ener2Crowd platform it will be possible for individuals to participate in the project with investment of between €200 and €10,000.

Receiving annual interest on the loan made for 36 months, participants have the possibility of early exit and full recovery of the capital paid in, at the end of the period.

Giangiacomo Altobelli, Renantis' community manager in Italy, said: "For over fifteen years, our Group has been successfully conducting initiatives to share the value created by our renewable plants.

"In 2021 we launched our first lending crowdfunding campaign in Sicily, in the province of Ragusa, with a high level of participation from the local community.

"This new initiative in Friuli Venezia Giulia is further evidence of our sustainable commitment, which is based on caring, both for the region and for the people who live around our facilities."

Lending crowdfunding is just one of the many initiatives implemented by Renantis to support the communities in which it operates.

Construction work will begin on the Terzo di Aquileia project in July 2023 over a 52-hectare site.

Forty five of those hectares will be dedicated to the production of renewable energy combined with agricultural activity.

Once in operation, the agrivoltaic project will produce around 50 GWh of energy, equal to the annual needs of more than 16,500 households.


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