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Renewables generate 52.1% of electricity in Spain in January

The national demand for electrical energy in Spain has increased by 1.1% in January. A demand of 22,185 GWh is estimated, which is 0.9% higher than that of January 2023.


As per the official records, renewables generated 52.1%, up to 12,202 GWh of electricity. In the renewable segment, wind power became the first source of generation in Spain with 24.6% of all electricity production. This is for the fourth consecutive month.


It has been informed that technologies free of CO2 equivalent emissions represented 75.3% of this month’s mix.


As per a local report, the set of peninsular renewables generated almost 54.2% of the total in January, means a production of 12,089 GWh.


For their part, emission-free technologies contributed 78.6% of the total.

The report further mentioned that the peninsular generation structure in January is also led by wind power. It led by 25.6% of the total with 5,701 GWh produced during this month.


Meanwhile, in the Canary Islands, the combined cycle, with 48.7% of the total, was the first source in the month of January, the report stated. It added that renewables and emission-free technologies represented 10.6% of the production.


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