top of page and Dyme join forces to invest in clean energy in the developing world, a Brooklyn-based solar energy non-profit, has announced a strategic partnership with Dyme, a climate tech company headquartered in Austin. The collaboration aims to bolster investments in clean energy initiatives across communities in India and Africa.

Under the partnership, will receive additional resources for its projects with solar developers, facilitated by Dyme’s eco-friendly shopping extension. Through this extension, whenever members shop online, Dyme will channel its profits from those transactions into’s solar projects.

Lassor Feasley, CEO and Founder of, emphasized the significant carbon impact of investing in solar projects across the Global South. He stated, “Dollar for dollar, money spent on solar across India and Africa creates a greater CO2 impact than any other investment or product we’ve analyzed.”

Sunil Chandra, Founder and CEO of Dyme, highlighted the crucial role of capital in driving renewable energy industries, especially in countries with limited access to resources. He emphasized, “We’re using our profits to support solar developers in Africa and India to bring cleaner, cheaper utilities and create new jobs for their communities.”

The partnership is particularly timely as emissions per capita in India have doubled over the last two decades, while Africa, despite contributing only 4% of global carbon emissions, remains highly vulnerable to climate change impacts.

Through the Dyme and partnership, members can make a positive impact every time they shop online at over 17,000 stores. Additionally, they can enjoy discounts of up to 20% and support solar energy projects without incurring extra costs. Members can also purchase gift cards from over 600 brands, such as Doordash, Uber, REI, and Chipotle, further contributing to clean energy initiatives.

Lassor Feasley expressed excitement about the partnership’s potential to accelerate the energy transition and empower consumers to make environmentally conscious choices. Sunil Chandra highlighted the seamless integration of sustainability into everyday activities, allowing individuals to contribute to a greener future effortlessly.

The collaboration between and Dyme signifies a collective effort to drive clean energy investments and combat climate change, underscoring the importance of innovative partnerships in advancing global sustainability goals.


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