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Renfe plans to build 20 MW solar panel facility to power trains in Spain

Spanish railway operator Renfe has planned to build a 20 MW solar panel facility to power its trains in Spain.

According to the company, it will invest almost 27 million euros in the construction of the plant. The facility will be located in the town of Olmedo (Valladolid) as a pilot project. The pilot project is estimated for about five years.

It further informed that most of the generated electricity will be used for train traction.

As per a local report, “Adif approved a rule so that Renfe, Ouigo and Iryo can build their own renewable plants and connect them to the substations of the railway network.”

The company shared that there will be construction of 34 plants in total. For this, there will be an investment of 350 million euros throughout Spain.

Renfe will be joined by Spanish company Magtel for the design, construction and development of the projects.

The company further mentioned that it plans to generate more electricity with solar panels, while also deploy energy storage technology.


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