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RES’s 25MW solar farm in Europe receives the approval

South Gloucestershire Council has provided permits for RES’s 25MW solar farm in Europe.


The Varley solar project is located south-east of Cromhall.


As per the authorities, the solar farm design will not just generate renewable power but will also support the local ecosystem and biodiversity.


The project is expected to “enable continued agricultural use of the land in the form of sheep farming and includes planting of new trees and hedgerows,” the council members were of the view.


It comes after the solar project held the consultation with the locals and shaped the project design accordingly.


Development project manager at RES Bert Devossel was quoted in a statement, “We are delighted to start the year with planning consent for Varley solar farm, a project that will provide clean, low cost electricity for consumers and strengthen the UK’s energy security.”


Bert further stated, “The consultation process has allowed us to identify and respond to local issues and concerns, which has ultimately resulted in the best design for the scheme."


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