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RIC Energy strengthens its presence in Italy with the construction of its first 10 MWp

RIC Energy has obtained a loan of 11 million euros from Banco Santander, the subscription of which is carried out together with a Green Investment Policy and is intended to finance the construction and operation of RIC Energy's first assets in Italy.

The green policy from CESCE (Spanish Export Credit Insurance Company) is a product intended for the launch or expansion of activities linked to sustainability and sectors linked to environmental protection.

Specifically, these are 7 plants with an aggregate power of 10 MWp located in the Lazio region. All of them have been processed under the express processing procedure, known as PAS (Procedura Abilitativa Semplificata) and meet the requirements to participate in the auctions organized by GSE. Construction is expected to begin in January 2024.

It is estimated that the 7 plants will prevent the annual release of 600 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, which is the equivalent of the annual circulation of 350 combustion cars or the consumption of more than 6,000 homes.

RIC Energy is a pioneering company in the development of renewable energies with a presence on four continents and a development portfolio of more than 20 GW in photovoltaic, green hydrogen, storage, biogas and wind projects.

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