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Risen Energy successfully produces its first G12 half wafer 120μm HJT Solar Cell

On May 10, Risen Energy celebrated a significant milestone in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

Lin Haifeng, Chairman of Risen Energy, Vice President Zeng Jianping, General Manager of HJT Business Unit, Dr. Po-Chuan Yang, and other dignitaries gathered to celebrate the successful mass production of Risen Energy’s first 120μm HJT solar cell made by G12 half wafer.

Risen Energy’s HJT pilot line has been upgraded in the last three months to produce the G12 120μm HJT solar cell for the resultant HJT module ‘Hyper-ion’. This cell adopts industry-leading technologies, including the use of G12 120μm half wafer with four chamfer, μc-Si doping layer and low Ag content paste. The cell efficiency exceeds 25.5% in the mass production, the power output of the module with this cell is up to 700Wp+, and module efficiency can reach 22.53%.

Due to the excellent performance of the power generation, Hyper-ion can decrease 10% LCOE compared to PERC modules, which will bring customers lower cost of electricity and higher revenue. Hyper-ion has passed several extremely safety test such as 5X IEC test and so on. The carbon footprint value (CFP) of Hyper-ion is about 400kg eq CO2/kWc as verified by a 3rd party organization and this will make outstanding contributions to realizing "carbon neutrality" of the world.

Based on this international trend and the best features of Hyper-ion, it is believed that Hyper-ion can give our customers the strong support and help them to achieve the target of revenue and carbon neutrality. In order to meet the demand, Risen Energy is building more factories to expand the capacity of HJT cells and modules, paving the way for Hyper-ion’s bright future.

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