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RP Global Awaits Last Permit for 360 MW Solar Plant in Puerto Lumbreras

RP Global's subsidiary, Carril Solar, states that it will receive the final authorization in July to begin work on the project, which will considerably reduce its size in 2022.

Carril Solar, a subsidiary of the Hispanic-Austrian company RP Global – created in the 1980s as part of an Austrian bank and currently for sale – has announced that it will receive in July the last authorization necessary to begin the implementation works of the photovoltaic plant it plans in Puerto Louvres.

The promoter states that it has reached leasing agreements and has acquired land until it has “100% of the project implementation area to avoid expropriations.” In 2022, the company reduced the occupation space of the Carril project from 1,300 to 461 hectares, which was initially planned with 507 MWp and 400 MW and will now have 360 ​​MW.

Furthermore, the company indicates in a note, Carril Solar is already working on agrivoltaic research projects with Primaflor and other top-level companies, to develop compatible crops within the solar plant, “taking into account sustainability and biodiversity, in a way "that water efficiency favors the permanence of agriculture and livestock in the area."

Precisely, last year the MEP for Izquierda Unida (IU) Sira Rego denounced before the European Commission that the Carril Solar photovoltaic plant intended to occupy around 200 hectares of the Puerto Lumbreras Irrigation Community that were modernized thanks to the support of the European Fund. Regional Development (ERDF) and at the end of the year received a response: according to the Commission, EU legislation is not being breached.

The company has held a presentation to resolve all the doubts of the residents of the municipality. The Regional Federation of Metal Entrepreneurs of Murcia (Fremm) and the Employment and Training Service (SEF) together with Carril Solar have given eight specialized courses in the renewable energy sector in 2023 and will give three more qualification courses this year .


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