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RWE acquirees Polish solar developer Alpha Solar

German energy company RWE has made an acquisition of the Polish solar developer Alpha Solar.

With this, it has granted the ownership of a 3000MW pipeline of projects.

According to RWE, though Alpha Solar is headquartered in Warsaw, it has three local offices in Inowrocław, Łódź and Rzeszów.

The Polish developer is known for its extensive experience in developing the project including from land acquisition to construction readiness.

Under the new development, RWE said “it will work on delivering the existing pipeline of solar projects as well as developing new projects. “

A report mentioned that the majority of the facilities are utility-scale which are in various stages of development.

RWE CEO Onshore Wind and PV Europe & Australia commented, “This acquisition represents an excellent opportunity for RWE to diversify our global solar footprint, while further enhancing our local capabilities and renewables project pipeline in Poland.”

RWE has an existing global development pipeline of 10GW in solar projects. Now, it has planned to develop new PV projects in Poland.


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