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RWE acquires JBM Solar with a pipeline of 6.1GW projects

RWE has acquired JBM Solar with a pipeline of a combined capacity of around 6.1GW.

JBM Solar develops solar and battery storage systems in the UK. The latest combined development pipeline is likely to be one of the largests in the country.

With the acquisition, RWE has taken over 3.8GW of solar and 2.3GW of battery storage projects. On average, about 450MW projects could be commissioned annually.

It informed that most of these projects are located in the central and southern regions of England. Some of the projects are said to be already ready for final investment decision.

According to RWE, the first solar and battery storage projects could enter into operation by 2024.

Katja Wünschel, CEO Onshore Wind and Solar Europe & Australia of RWE Renewables, was quoted in a statement, “We are already well positioned in offshore and onshore wind in the UK. Now we are significantly strengthening our renewables business by adding this already very advanced solar and battery pipeline.”

RWE has a combined capacity of over 2.6GW including 10 offshore and 33 onshore wind farms in operation in the country, while the JBM Solar has an expertise across the entire development process.


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