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San Miguel Global Power lauded at Asian Power Awards for portfolio of innovations

Power company San Miguel Global Power (SMGP) was highly commended at the recently held Asian Power Awards for several of its projects that highlighted innovative features and methods and have become a trailblazer in the sustainable energy mix in the Philippines and in Asia.

Amongst these projects is the company’s portfolio of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). SMGP posits that the integration of such facilities into the Philippine grid has the potential to transform how the Philippine power system is conceived, designed, and operated. Through its pioneering and innovative BESS facilities, SMGP has heeded the call for a more reliable power grid and universal access to affordable, reliable, and modern energy.

Since the first commissioned grid-scale 10 MW BESS facility in Masinloc in 2016, SMGP has completed and commenced the commercial operations of 21 BESS facilities located nationwide. In 2022, SMGP has completed a total of 390MWh BESS capacity and is in the process of completing the additional 580MWh this year. Twelve of these facilities have been providing effective frequency regulation service to the Philippine grid.

Due to the inherent characteristics of the BESS, it can absorb excess electricity and provide an instantaneous increase in electricity supply much faster than any conventional generator. The BESS’ precise control and quick response have been proven in various transmission grids globally to ensure the reliability of their respective grids.

“It is the most effective resource to support grid security than any traditional reserve providers and can be used to address challenges related to large-scale grid integration of renewables,” the company said.

SMGP clinched the Battery Storage Project of the Year - Silver, Innovative Power Technology of the Year - Philippines, and Smart Grid Project of the Year - Philippines category wins in the prestigious awards programme for the success of its BESS portfolios.

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