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Sarawak set for collaboration on hybrid renewable project in Malaysia

Malaysian Sarawak is all set for collaboration on a new hybrid renewable project.

The company plans to collaborate with the global oil giant Shell to produce wind and solar power.

According to Sarawak Premier Tan Sri Abang Johari Openg, wind turbine technology had improved tremendously in recent years, so the company could possibly join hydroelectric, fuel cells and solar power as RE sources in the state.

“Wind turbine technology with adopted AI (artificial intelligence) can regulate the (power plant’s) turbine blades and if this collaboration proves to be successful, Sarawak will have all the renewable energy sources,” he was quoted itold reporters after the handing-over ceremony of Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell.

He also shared that Sarawak Economic Development Corporation’s (SEDC) subsidiary, SEDC Energy, has already formed a collaboration with South Korean companies to develop a hydrogen production plant.

This plant, located in Bintulu, is expected to come into operation in 2025.

Meanwhile, UMW Toyota Motor also has a partnership with SEDC Energy as part of their commitment towards carbon neutrality by 2050.

“UMW Toyota Motor and SEDC Energy are set to capitalise on the opportunity to further study the potential of its technology as a stepping stone for developing a low-carbon economy with new fuel cell systems that prioritise compact size, efficiency and productivity to support the mobility needs of society,” it was mentioned in the statement.

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