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SENS partners with Menapy for 12MW solar farm in Spain

Iqony Solar Energy Solutions (SENS) has joined hands with Menapy for a 12MW solar farm in Spain. The solar park will have an installation of 18,300 PV panels.

SENS is a German solar specialist, while Menapy is an investment partner, as the dup commissioned the solar farm for self-consumption. The project is located in the region of Castile and León.

According to the companies, the project will produce power to supply local operations of steel wire and coatings producer Bekaert.

Managing director of SENS Óscar Page was quoted in a statement, “We are pleased to see that our solar-as-a-service offering is particularly useful in electricity-intensive industries in Spain, where Bekaert also operates, and brings added value.”

The mayor of Burgos, Cristina Ayala Santamaría, along with ministers from the Castilian regional government attended the inauguration and shared how the solar farm would benefit the entire region.


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